Rediscover the beauty and quiet of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast with PRIMEA BOUTIQUE APARTMENTS – the perfect place for your, your family’s and friends’ vacation! The hotel is located in the most picturesque part of the town of Tsarevo – on the very beach of Nestinarka Bay, which attracts visitors with its velvet sand and crystal clear sea water.


The rooms are spacious and luxuriously furnished, they come with internet and TV, and the balconies offer a magnificent view of the sea. There is a large outdoor pool in the yard of the hotel with parasols and lounges, which provides excellent conditions for relaxation and rest during the hottest hours of the day. The bar-restaurant is located on the very beach, and its kitchen offers a huge variety of foreign and traditional Bulgarian meals. A qualified team and round-the-clock guards are taking care of security and the staff is at the disposal of the guests at any time. Still, a real vacation in Tsarevo wouldn’t be of full value unless you enjoyed all the pleasant experiences that the place offers.
PRIMEA BOUTIQUE HOTEL is a reputable hotel in Tsarevo, which guarantees its guests only the best for their vacation. For an even more pleasant vacation, the hotel offers a discount that ranges from 10% to 20% for all entertainment locations in town! That gives you an opportunity to visit various places and to embark on adventures, for which you may not have another chance. So don’t hesitate – PRIMEA BOUTIQUE HOTEL awaits you!


Nature around the town is incredible thanks to the specific climate and the geographic characteristics. You should not miss the opportunity for a small forest walk among the seaside slopes of the Strandzha mountain covered by luxuriant green vegetation and offering a unique view of the picturesque small town and the vast sea. The mouth of the Veleka river is located a little further south where you could feel great emotions of a boat trip along the river. You could start on such an outing in the water even from the harbour of the town of Tsarevo, from where you can have a trip along the whole south coast to enjoy its beauty and picturesqueness. For those who love noisier treats, the town offers variety of places of entertainment, bars and restaurants where you could create unique and unforgettable memories. Often, shows with nestinar dances are organised: these are typical for this region and bewitch the young and old with their magic; their secret has remained unrevealed for centuries. Sport-lovers can keep in shape with football, tennis and beach volleyball at the state-of-the-art stadiums and courts. Adventurers can pass a short sailing or windsurfing course at the local club which is known for its several prestigious awards from regional and national competitions.